Orthoptist Katrin Schaefer-Alcock joins us

Precision Eye Clinic Welcomes Orthoptist Katrin Schaefer-Alcock

Precision Eye Clinic is pleased to announce that Katrin Schaefer-Alcock has joined the team. Katrin is an experienced orthoptist who will be  working with Dr Zoe Gao.

Ranzco has recently highlighted the important role of orthoptists in Eye Care delivery.

“Ophthalmologists and orthoptists have had a close working relationship for many years – in both the private and public sector. This synergistic relationship is analogous to that which exists between radiographers and radiologists. With their skills covering several professional areas , orthoptists play a crucial role in eye health care delivery.”

Katrin brings a wealth of knowledge in both children and adult eye care health to our practice. Her supportive and informative approach to patient care is a valued contribution to our clinic.