Orthoptist Katrin Schaefer-Alcock

Orthoptist Katrin

Orthoptist Katrin Schaefer-Alcock

Katrin Schaefer-Alcock is an experienced paediatric orthoptist who also has an extensive knowledge in adult care. Katrin is an integral part of our team and works closely with Dr Gao.

Katrin is a graduate of the University of Düseldorf, Germany. Before moving to Australia, Katrin worked in hospitals where she specialised in paediatric ophthalmology and orthoptics with emphasis on pre- and postoperative assessments for squint surgery in children and adults.
Working as a sole Orthoptist in private practices furthered Katrin’s knowledge in paediatric and adult eye health care.

After relocating to Australia, Katrin gained her Australian recognition as an Orthoptist at La Trobe University Melbourne. Many years of dedicated work at a Tasmanian private practice complemented her care for children and adults with general ophthalmic and orthoptic concerns.
Katrin brings a wealth of knowledge in both children and adult eye care health to our practice. Her supportive and informative approach to patient care is a valued contribution to our clinic.

Her special interests include:

– Vision assessment in babies, infants, school children and adults

– Amblyopia (lazy eye)

– Strabismus (squint)

– Convergence insufficiency

– Double vision assessment

– Prism assessment and fitting

Katrin is a member of Orthoptics Australia and registered with the Australian Orthoptic Board. She holds a certificate of currency for maintaining up to date clinical knowledge.

No referral is required for an appointment with Orthoptist Katrin Schaefer-Alcock.

Orthoptist Katrin with Zoe


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