What is an Orthoptist?

An orthoptist is an eye health professionals who specialise in the detection, diagnosis and management of children’s and adult’s eye disorders.

Orthoptist - patching

Orthoptists are university-trained allied health practitioners who work in a variety of settings such as private practices, hospitals, low vision and rehabilitation clinics, community health centres and universities.

Orthoptists work independently, in association with ophthalmologists or in a multidisciplinary team.

Orthoptists are specialised in the field of:

Children’s vision

Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Strabismus (squint, turning eye)

Double vision assessment

Ocular motility examination

Pre- and postoperative assessment for squint surgery

Prism assessment and fitting

Non-surgical treatment e.g. exercises

Neurological vision disorders

Orthoptists play a vital role in eye health care in providing help for patients with



Diabetic eye disease

Retinal disorders

Assessment for laser refractive surgery

Involvement with education and research

Orthoptic equipment

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